Kameraudlejningen has more than 20 years of experience, providing cameras to the Danish filmindustry. We are proud to say that your needs is our highest priority. We strive our utmost, to make sure you get the highest standard of service!

We are in close collaboration with equipment manufactures, and are therefore among the first to know about new equipment. We believe in structure and high standard, we test and calibrate our equipment often to make sure that it performs at a 100%.

We have attention to detail and take pleasure in customzing each camera package, to the DP, Focus Puller but nontheless you production budget!

We pride ourselfs to be at your service at anytime during day or night, if you should have additional requests or faulty equipment, during your shoot.


At Kameraudlejningen you will find our equipment room, fully geared with workstations and all the correct tools, to do almost any repair, modification and maintenance.  Here we check and test all our equipment before and after production.


At the premises we also have our lens and optical storage and service room. Here we use a collimator and a lens projector to check and test, that our lenses are correctly calibrated.


Our 240 m2 test room, makes it possible for the camera crew to do an extensive and thourough line up and test of all equipment, before production in a nice and comfortable envoirement. During this process, out staff will be happy to help with any question and special need, such as minor or greater modifications of the equipment list or the gear itself. We will of course offer as much coffee, as is needed.


Our digital department, will offer assistance with any file convertion and/or back-up copying. We also process dailies and offline files. We are in close collaboration with all the post- and editing houses in Copenhagen, and even many abroad.